EACREEE holds Consultation Meeting on Energy Efficiency with Ministry Representatives

Monday, 18 Feb 2019

The East African Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, EACREEE, organized a Consultation Workshop on Energy Efficiency with Ministry Representatives from EAC Member states. The workshop took place on 13th February 2019 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, within the framework of the Regional Consultation and Validation Workshop of the Preparatory Phase of the project: Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances in EAC and SADC. The aim of this workshop was for the EAC Partner States to share and discuss national policies landscape on energy efficiency, status of implementation, ongoing initiatives at regional and national level and forge forward in developing synergies to approach prevailing opportunities and challenges for scaling up energy efficiency initiatives. Participants of the workshop included the representatives of ministries of energy from EAC member states, a representative from the African Union Commission, a representative from Swedish International Development Agency, Sida, and representatives of Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program, CLASP.

The country representatives made presentations on the status of energy efficiency in their respective countries. It was noted that all the EAC Partner States have been implementing energy efficiency measures primarily in the power and cooking and heating sectors. For example, nearly all EAC countries have implemented the switch to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and LEDs as well as the promotion of more efficient clean cook stoves.

On the policy regulation, EAC Partner States are at different levels of developing and implementation of energy efficiency policy and regulatory frameworks, highlighting the growing attention that energy efficiency is receiving in the region. Energy efficiency issues are either covered in the overall energy policy or as a standalone policy document. The status vary from country to country.

The workshop participants came up with a number of recommendations and proposals, which included;

  • Having proper preliminary studies carried out within the Partner States on intended projects to identify needs.

  • Development of regional programme to promote energy efficiency and phase out inefficient and low quality products

  • Develop a strategy that promotes upcoming industries as well as drive regional cost of manufacturing down

  • Adequately promote gender equality and integrate youth involvement in energy sector

Representatives from the ministries of energy from Partner States reiterated their support to EACREEE’s initiatives to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes.

Detail report available here.