Launch of Energy Access Explorer for East Africa

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 4, 2019 to Friday, September 6, 2019

The World Resources Institute (WRI), East Africa Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency (EACREEE) and the Uganda’s GIS Energy Sector Working Group invite you to register for the launch of the: Launch of Energy Access Explorer for East Africa - Linking Energy and Socio-economic development using GIS on the 4th September 2019 at Hotel Africana, Plot 2/4 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.

On Wednesday, September 4, WRI, EACREEE and Uganda’s GIS Energy Sector working group will host a workshop to present state of the art GIS approaches to energy access planning. We will bring together planners from the East Africa region, clean energy entrepreneurs as well as development finance institutions and donors that operate in the energy access/development space and will launch the Energy Access Explorer. Energy Access Explorer is an online, open-source, interactive platform that brings together and analyses several spatial data sets on both energy supply and demand and enables more comprehensive energy planning. 

The launch of the Energy Access Explorer withh be followed by the 8th Utilities GIS Conference, 5-6 September 2019 – an annual event organized by the Uganda’s GIS Energy Sector Working Group.

On Thursday, September 5, we will host a panel discussion in Uganda’s Annual GIS Energy Sector conference to discuss the importance and challenges of GIS and the role of Energy Access Explorer for (a) planning (b) expanding energy markets (c) investing for impact and (d) regional integration. 

Attendance is open to all interested stakeholders, including energy planning institutions, clean energy entrepreneurs, development finance institutions, foundations, researchers and other organizations that are interested in expanding access to clean energy (health, education, agriculture). For more information, please contact Dimitris Mentis ( or Michael Kiza ( or Joel Jombwe (