Energy Access and Green Transition in Urban and Rural Africa( ENERGICA) Project

Sunday, May 19, 2024

EACREEE in partnership with the 11 European and 17 African partners is reinforcing the ENERGy Access and Green Transition collaboratively demonstrated in the Urban and Rural Africa project. Within the East African Community, ENERGICA is focusing on the area of electric mobility aimed at demonstrating the efficient implementation of renewable energy technologies to match the needs of the local context. The project is being implemented in Madagascar in South East Africa, Nairobi and Kisumu in East Africa and Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa focusing on energy access and Sustainable energy development on both continents. Based on the methodologies and respective innovative technologies, ENERGICA will demonstrate positive social, environmental, technical and economic impacts from the high energy-efficiency and low carbon emission renewable energy technologies (RETs) in regions

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the efficient implementation of RETs to match the needs of local contexts. In Freetown, ENERGICA is being demonstrated with an aspect of water purification systems for energy and low-tech biogas. In Nairobi and Kisumu, the project is focusing on electric mobility for boda-bodas and smart energy management systems for battery fleet management. The mapping of sites for the demonstration sites is ongoing and the installation of the charging stations is planned for September 2024.  Madagascar is focusing on innovative nano-grids for renewable production of water and food. The demonstration sites will rely upon local Energy Transition Boards which will manage community-scale Integrated Community Energy Systems (ICESs) for charging.  

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